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"Transform Your Procurement Efficiency and Save Costs with Our Innovative
E-Bidding System!"

"Revolutionize Your Procurement Strategy with Our
State-of-the-Art E-Bidding Solution!"


Foster e-Bidding 

An online e-bidding capability as a way to enhance industry access and allow the Corporation to manage their negotiation process more transparent and efficiently from beginning to end.

What is Foster e-Bidding 

Electronic bidding process in a transparency and desired results 
e-Bidding, will invite pre-qualified vendor to participate in online bidding session. 

Bidding is a real-time online event during which participants submit competitive bids for specific goods or services.

Contractor, Supplier, or vendor  will response with a bid
Bidding Period; number of days or weeks up to the bid date, are available to a prospective bidder to prepare and lodge a bid.

"Get a Competitive Edge in Procurement with Our Customizable E-Bidding Solution!"

Suitable for 

  • Implement Project 

  • Tender

  • Contract job

  • Purchase goods


  • Procure asset and operation item


What benefits

  • Help to achieve desire price and lower purchase costing thru bidding formula

  • ​Create transparency and ethic among committee and management

  • ​Full audit trait for audit 

  • ​Fast results 

  • ​Online Technology driven, eliminate traditional way that drain your resources

  • More quality vendor able to access you​

  • ​Full management and analysis report​


Why you need our e-Bidding+ solutions 


E-bidding systems can automate and streamline the procurement process, saving time and reducing the workload for procurement teams. This can also help to reduce errors and ensure consistency in the procurement process.


E-bidding systems provide greater transparency and accountability in the procurement process, which can help to prevent fraud and corruption. This is particularly important for company, where transparency and fairness are critical.


Cost Savings:

E-bidding systems can help companies to reduce costs by increasing competition among suppliers and ensuring that the best value bids are selected. This can lead to significant cost savings in the procurement process.


Access to a larger pool of suppliers:

E-bidding systems can help companies to access a wider pool of potential suppliers, including those that may be located in other regions or countries. This can help to increase competition and ensure that the best value bids are selected.


Improved supplier relationships:

E-bidding systems can help companies to build better relationships with their suppliers, by providing a more transparent and efficient procurement process. This can help to improve communication and collaboration, which can lead to better quality products and services.

What other are saying

Use to setup many meeting with vendor to negotiate back and forth.

Now it can be done online and immediate, i can focus more on my task.

Hamzah (GLC company)

It save more than 10% from my daily trading purchase.

Is a yes for your company,

Call SalesFoster Team, they will deploy this solutions in a minutes no hassle, use immediate save immediate

Sook Ling (Construction Procurement)

There are real, they handle all information professionally and they does a very good job in their customer service as well.

K.K Liew (Consultant)

"Streamline Your Procurement Process with Our Powerful E-Bidding System!"

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