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Foster E-Bid+ Benefits

  • Buyers receive competitive prices

  • Buyers can reach suppliers worldwide

  • Bids can be easily compared by the buyer

  • Time saving in comparison to usual negotiations

  • Cost saving due to less person hours, less paperwork and less travel costs

  • Suppliers gain more knowledge of the market

  • All bidders have access to the same information and the process is clearly defined

  • Secure Bidding System

  • Suppliers can react directly to bids from competitors


Why E-Bidding? 

eBidding is an electronic bidding tool that allows suppliers to submit their bid proposal online, which is time and cost savings compared to usual negotiation.


The tool also enables buyers to advertise an e-bidding event online to reach suppliers from across the country.



With all bidding activities updated in real time online, the system provides a fair, transparent and competitive environment for suppliers.

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