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Are you tired of the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually managing tenders?
Look no further than our e-tender software!

Our software streamlines the entire tendering process, making it faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. With our user-friendly interface, you can create, publish, and manage tenders with just a few clicks.


Foster E-Tender+ 

At its simplest, electronic tendering or e-Tender is a process for sending and receiving tenders by electronic means, rather than the old paper based method.

Instead of inserting documents into an envelope and posting them, we - and you - will now exchange them securely via the Internet.

"Say Goodbye to Manual Tendering Processes and Hello to Our User-Friendly E-Tender System!"


  • Shorten the procurement cycle when processes are automated with tender analysis, allowing users to allocate resources and time for other critical issues.

  • Automate the entire tendering lifecycle for procurement of goods and services starting from creation of a purchase requisition through to the award of contract with strict control.

  • Streamline last minute tender changes.

  • Faster response to questions and points of clarification during tender period.

  • Remote office operation is made possible as all authorized parties can access Tender Tailor via a secured channel. Cross border tendering process can be achieved.

  • Better communications between departments, as the alerting system would remind users about critical issues and tasks that have been completed by different teams, minimizing human errors, as well as to route documents to appropriate parties or alerts individuals of actions in the system.

  • Single point of access for both vendors and purchasers to do business efficiently in a convenient and user-friendly manner.

  • Better access to procurement spending information and analytical reports

  • Addendum versioning for controlling document 

  • Prevent tamper tender document on off-line or manual submission


  • Result in more profitable contracts

  • Reduce takeoff costs and errors with direct digitizer input

  • Minimize paper trail on tendering exercises

  • Reduce costs of participation for purchasers and vendors

  • Reduce fulfillment and rework costs

  • Reduce advertisement cost

  • Reduce cost to obtain detailed analysis of costs and markup

  • Reduce labour intensive tasks of receipt, recording and distribution of tender

  • Less manual forms filling on tender preparation and data re-entry when upon receiving the tender

  • Reduce hassles involved in communication and administration, achieving higher accuracy

  • Fair, Free and fearless participation of Tenderer become possible


  • Users can visualize the status on each tendering process by the comprehensive progress tracking function, reducing time for keeping track of status.

  • Streamlined workflow is realized with faster tender and document submission; hence improved information distribution is achieved.

  • Better integrity of goods, services, works and vendor information as a provision of quality management of centralized repository facilitates instant access to both current and historical tender information

  • Detailed purchase history for efficient negotiation with vendors

  • Real time updating, eliminate obsolete information

  • Improved audit trail increasing integrity and transparency of the tendering process

  • Improved quality of tender specification and supplier response

  • Provision of quality management information

  • Database of goods, services, works and contractors gets build up

  • Give you that critical lead over your competitors

Don't let the tendering process slow you down.


Try our e-tender software today and see the difference for yourself!

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