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Let me answer some of the question you might be looking for.

If something related is not available to answer here, please do contact our professional support team directly.

Customer Support: 03-2858 5404


Frequent Ask Question

1) Is the bidding safe to use?

Yes, is was proven and use by many company for the past 1o years

2) How secure it is?

Is very secure, as we have state of art security system that in place, and that is been audit by many success and big corporation.

3) How transparency bidding is?

Is one of the objective to create transparency and ethic environment for committee, shareholders and audit purpose

4) Is it complicated for me and my vendor?

is design such a way that is very user friendly, as is just few clicks away, our team has done a incredible job to make it very effortless.

5) How fast bidding can start?


6) Is bidding really can negotiate a good deal?

Yes, it can achieve your desirable price.

7) How i can knew more about it?

Please go to the contact, and leave your contact or directly call our professional team for information.

8) Do we need any IT expert to support?

We will provide all the necessary support and service to ease your mind.

9) Do you provide any report?

Yes, all the management report will provided.

10) How it is compare to my current manual way.

Technology is here to give you extreme high results that manual way can't perform. It will driven your company to be more productive and success to be more competitive in this current technology world.

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